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Researchers develop new ultra-high-density optical disc storing up to 1.6 petabytes - a massive leap in data storage!


The researchers in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology claims that they have invented an ultra density format of an disc that it can store up to 1.6 petabytes of information which is approximately equivalent to a overwhelming 200 terabytes.

As said the new discs seemed to look like a blu-rays, and the architecture is something like in which data is written to a hundred layers. The technicians are representing it as future solution for costly storages, and long-term information and data archival storage.

The actual technology at the core of this storage is the implementation of an ultra-transparent film which is called "aggression-induced emission dye-doped photoresist"(AIE-DDPR). 

This innovative technology enables encoding of the data on a 100 layers of the disk, far much more than we have in our traditional storage sources like CD-ROMS, Blu-rays DVDs etc.

The factor of storage is increased by almost 10,000 times as compared to Blu-rays dur to the nanotechnology used. It is clear that there is an insane amount of information that can be stored into it as compared to most top-tier flash drive or hybrid hard drive (HHDs).
We can also say that it is capable of holding and storing more data than a whole internet can transmits in a second.

The discussion about the implications of this technology are vast especially if we talk about data centers. Like we can say it would reduce the physical amount of space as well as the energy consumption of the data stored in that space up to a revolutionized way.



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